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Wine Movies and Documentaries to Watch in Winter 2024

Is there anything better than curling up on the couch with movies and wine? Winter is the best time for a movie marathon date night with your loved one or when you need a solo cognitive break. Paired with cosy pleasures like your favourite vino, movie snacks and a crackling fire, these wine documentaries and movies are bound to warm you up this winter. 

Snuggle up, pour yourself a glass of organic wine and let these cinematic gems transport you to vineyards and wineries around the world, from the comfort of your home. 

Here are our top picks for wine movies to watch. 

1. Year of the Comet (1992)

The 90’s are making a comeback. Fuel your nostalgia with Year of the Comet, a cult classic comedy wine movie that takes you on a light-hearted adventure through London, the Scottish highlands and the French Riviera. 

Featuring stunning location footage, the film follows a young wine enthusiast and auctioneer's daughter who discovers an extremely valuable bottle of wine more than 150 years old. Played by Penelope Ann Miller, she’s invited to Scotland to evaluate the worth of the wine along with her bodyguard (Oliver Plexico). While trying to keep the prized bottle away from multiple thugs, Miss Miller and a rich buyer's emissary (Tim Daly) fall in love.

Goofy but charming, you can expect an enjoyable romp with extra cheese. Wine and travel included.

Watch on: Online

2. Sideways (2004)

Watch Sideways if you love a good laugh. Combining wine with friendships, evolving relationships and depression, it was the first wine movie to break into the mainstream and took the wine world by storm. Unfortunately, the movie gave Merlot a bad name for our favourite winter wine.

Don’t let that deter you though! 

Merlot makes a perfect wine and movie pairing.

Sideways is a comedy-drama based on the book that sees two middle-aged friends embark on a week-long trip through California wine country. Miles, the main character, is a wine-obsessed, pretentious and bitter divorced teacher who never loses his passion for wine, no matter how low he falls. A bromance with a well-written script and picturesque locations. 

Pair with a raspberry and plum organic Merlot

Watch on: Apple TV 

3. Mondovino (2004)

In this fascinating documentary, filmmaker and wine lover Jonathan Nossiter looks at the international wine business and the value of small producers

Nossiter explores capitalism's impact on various wine regions. He delves deep into the world of wine, comparing small producers who make wine for love with entrepreneurs who make it for profit. But globalisation isn’t the only issue discussed. Mondovino weaves power, politics and land together in a quirky film shot on three continents over three years. Watch for an interesting story about why people enjoy drinking wine. 

Pair with our preservative-free, small-batch Pinot Noir bubbles.

Watch on: Apple TV 

4. Sour Grapes (2016)

Dip your toe into the world of millionaires, crime and conmen with this true story about fake wine. 

Sour Grapes is an entertaining American crime documentary that follows the strange story of counterfeit wine. Rudy Kurniawan was a wine fraudster in the early 2000s who fooled Hollywood filmmakers and billionaire businessmen with rare, expensive vintages he made significant money from. 

Pair with Blanc De Noir.

Watch on: Netflix

5. A Year in Port (2016)

Embark on a visual journey into the complex and mysterious world of Port wine. Mostly set in Portugal, this wine documentary gives a detailed overview of how Port is made with scenic locations to explore. Watch it if you like magnificent photography, history and wine.

The filmmaker, David Kennard, has a collection of beautifully made wine movies, including A Year in Burgundy and A Year in Champagne. A Year in Port is the final chapter of the trilogy. 

Pair with our Collectors Corner - a blend of fortified vintages from over thirty years.

6. Bottle Shock (2018)

A fun wine movie about the 1976 Paris wine competition, “The Judgement of Paris”, which saw Californian red wine defeat French red wine in a blind tasting. It was a defining moment in history as the first recognition that American wines could be better than French. 

While it’s only a loose version of the true story, the scenery, storyline, and 70’s nostalgia make for a good watch. Bottle Shock features actors Chris Pine and Snape from Harry Potter. 

Pair with a smooth red like this French Oak Pinot Noir

Watch on: Apple TV

7. Uncorked (2020)

Combining hip-hop music and wine, Uncorked tells the story of a determined young man in his 20s with dreams of wine and travelling. The movie shows the struggle of Elijah (Mamoudou Athie) desperately trying to balance his dream of becoming a master sommelier, with his father’s expectations of taking over the family’s BBQ business. 

A true Netflix drama that combines loyalty with love, humour and tonnes of wine study! Elijah even breaks down wine varieties in one scene, comparing them to famous rappers. Watch if you’re passionate about wine and love a good soundtrack. 

Get your Snoop on and pair with 19 Crimes Snoop Dogg Cali Red Blend.

Watch on: Netflix

8. Living Wine (2022)

At Mountford Wines, we love wine movies advocating for natural wine and sustainable farming. Living Wine ticks all the boxes. Engaging, thought-provoking and beautifully filmed, this wine documentary goes beyond the stereotypical definitions of natural wine and shows in depth how microbes, climate and regenerative farming impact the taste and authenticity of wine.  

Our organic wine and cider represent the way we celebrate natural beauty in our vineyard and our intentions to preserve it. Try this certified organic cider while you watch!

Watch on: Prime

9. The Mostly Serious History of Wine (2023)

From the comfort of your couch, you can visit Egypt, Rome, Spain and France to trace wine's delicious history. 

Think of this film as a love letter to the wine industry. Director/writer Jim Hodgson takes you on an entertaining journey of the origins of wine. Brilliant and hilarious, you can expect a lengthy but fun history lesson on wine. 

Pair with a bordeaux red wine. 

Watch on: Apple TV

10: Eden (2024)

Starting a wine estate is an epic adventure and certainly not for the faint-hearted. Eden is a scenic film exploring Santa Cruz Mountains' very own historic Mount Eden Vineyards. The story follows a family behind one of California's most historic wineries, and the struggles that come with mixing business wine family. Watch for the fantastic camera work and beautiful views of the winery. 

Pair with a light Rosé. 

Watch on: Online

Have a wine movie to watch you’d like to add? Comment below with your favourites. 

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