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Winery and Art Gallery

The mezzanine art gallery at our award-winning cellar door is perfect for non-drinkers, travellers, creatives, locals and those who enjoy art and stunning winery views. Step inside for the Mountford Wines experience.

Mountford Wines is a unique combination of a winery, cidery and art gallery. In 1994 the multi-functional building was officially opened to marriage art and wine, creating a dedicated space for the visual arts in the South West. 


The mud-brick structure, created as a work of art itself, was handbuilt two years earlier. More than 30 years later the downstairs cellar door now serves as a space for wine and smaller artworks, while the main winery art gallery upstairs showcases paintings and sculptures from local artists. 

Fine wine has long been aligned with art because of its natural associations with craftsmanship, creativity and pleasure. So grab a glass and indulge with us. 

An Introduction to the Artists 

John Austin was the first exhibition with a photography display. Since then many artists from various styles have exhibited at the Mountford Winery art gallery. Some of these creatives include Bob Birch, Mac Betts, Averyle Shilkin, Barbara Bennett, Leon Pericles, Joy Henderson and Greg Crowe. 

The success of these exhibitions has encouraged many to hold second and third exhibitions of their latest works. An interesting programme of emerging artists in the South West including painting, print-making and photography. If you wish to be considered, please contact us for more information. 

Our display of artwork currently includes the following:

Karen Widemann


Karen is an artist in Manjimup who uses realism to depict still life and landscapes accurately and unembellished. Her inspiration comes from the South West’s incredible scenery, where she’s able to be in harmony with nature. Karen uses oils, gouache and pastels in limited colour palates for her work. By blending the colours, she’s able to create life and reflection. 

“I’ve painted as long as I can remember, exhibiting mainly in the South West. It’s where I source my artistry. Whether walking along the squeaky white sand of Jasper Beach, standing in the shadows of the majestic Karri forest or sitting on the bank of the fast-flowing Moons Crossing, my breath is taken away. I’m compelled to try and capture that feeling in my paintings.” 

Jan Dedman

Award-winning artist Jan uses acrylics to paint impressionist-style landscapes from a quirky perspective. Her journey into art began at a one-day workshop. After being invited by a friend and getting a taste of painting with pastels she found her calling. 

“In 2002 I moved to the beautiful town of Bridgetown and discovered an exhibition at the open garden in Windy Hollow. It inspired me to use watercolours as a medium and I started teaching myself. For the next three years, I stayed on as a resident artist. Almost two decades later, I began experimenting with acrylics. My latest venture is painting with oils where I enjoy the ‘freer’ approach.”


Josephine Wayling


Rose Muir

Sourcing inspiration from the many facets of life, Rose is a semi-abstract acrylic artist using emotional, spiritual and social angles to depict her work. Her paintings are bold and energetic. 

This is Rose’s first exhibition in a winery art gallery, having previously sold her work privately. She has painted since her college days when she majored in art and has been teaching the craft for over 40 years. 

“Facets bring serendipity and balance to my life, which is evident in my work. The paintings have many diverse interpretations of how I visualise the quirky, the bold, the colourful and the comical moments.”

Greg Crow


Josephine is a Perth-based abstract artist who has been creating since 2007 after joining a group of painters as part of a UWA summer school course. Since then, her work has been featured in multiple group exhibitions throughout Perth and Melbourne. Her paintings capture the moods of a place using movement, colour and texture. 

“My landscapes are not drawn from actual places, but rather the feelings of a place or an action. Often, a simple line I overhear can be the start of a painting. I love to experiment with textures and different ways to apply paint, which is apparent in the stylistic variety of my work.”


Greg is a Perth artist renowned for his woodfired and salt-glazed pottery. With more than 40 years of experience making ceramics and 30 years teaching around the globe, his wealth of knowledge in wheel-throwing pottery and experimental forms makes him a great addition to our winery art gallery. 

Greg exhibits special ceramic production from the traditional Anagama kiln. These works of art are licit sculptures for discerning collectors.

Don Blackwood

Don's artistic work includes elements of photography, sculpture, digital and conventional drawing, and


He creatively combines his educational background in Engineering, Science and Chinese Philosophy with art studies to establish a truly unique style. It is this collaboration of philosophy, engineering, art, ecology and religion that motivates Don’s work.

…You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved…” ― Ansel Adams


Why our Award-Winning Winery and Art Gallery is Worth the Visit

At Mountford Wines, we never stop striving for that extra bit of magic. The creation of this winery and art gallery was another extension of this. Framed by idyllic scenery and architectural details, the space has been home to art exhibitions, classical, jazz and folk concerts, live theatre and workshops over the years. 

Come and join us for the perfect synergy of art and wine.

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