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6 Sustainable Gifts for Wine and Cider Lovers in Australia

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

As we’re nearing the holiday season and swapping evenings by the fire for evenings by the bbq, nothing beats a gift to fuel socialising with family and friends.

If you’re looking for the perfect present - one that doesn’t compromise your wallet or the planet, sustainable gift-giving is a great place to start. Something that shows you care about your recipient and the environment is more thoughtful than an unwanted gift that contributes to landfill.

But where do you start? And how do you make your bottled gift stand out?

Here are a few gift ideas for that wine lover in your life to make drinking and entertaining more eco-friendly.

1. Australia’s First Black-Truffle Liqueur

Chocolate truffles are popular treats for their boozy flavour. But for liqueur lovers, nothing beats sipping a perfectly balanced truffle drink. The Mountford Truffle Liqueur is Australia’s first. Made from the freshest Southern Forest black truffles in Western Australia that are handpicked each year as part of the truffle harvest.

Buttery, olivey flavours and a mushroom-like fragrance, black truffles are unique in their taste and intensity. This fine-quality liqueur is perfect to gift on its own or in a hamper. It’s sustainably made by the Mountford family using eco-friendly winemaking methods.

2. Cuvée Chocolate Crafted for Wine Connoisseurs

Cuvée chocolate is specially made to eat with wine.

Made in small batches ethically and sustainably, there is a whole range of flavours to choose from that pair with the finest tipples. Try the Wine Connoisseurs Collection for a sample of the best. Match the Dark Grand Cru with Pinot, Port or Merlot and pair the Milk Soleo with Chardonnay or Riesling.

The Hot Chocolate Collection is great for chilli, chocolate and chai lovers. There’s nothing stopping them from adding a dash of whiskey, dark rum or cognac for an adult version of the classic hot chocolate, either.

3. Picnic Bundles Handmade from Wine Barrel Waste

Businesses that turn their waste into treasure are people we like to support. Winestains is a South Australian business that puts a stop to wine barrel waste. Instead of discarding their oak tree barrels, which are deemed futile after a small amount of use, they’re carved into artistic, functional pieces great for picnics and entertaining.

Try the gifts section for present ideas or explore their bundles for special occasions.

4. Upcycled Bottle Art

Upcycled bottle art gifts for wine lovers and foodies. Although, you don’t have to drink fine wine to appreciate these quirky pieces.

The Sydney-based business turns recycled wine and beer bottles into cheese platters and dishes. All products are made in their solar-powered kiln, using sustainable processes. If you’re after multifunctional pieces that start a conversation take a peek at their full range.

5. Climate-Positive Wine and Cider

There is a taste distinction with organic wines and ciders that cannot be denied. Unfortunately, finding clean, high-quality wine to buy isn’t always easy.

There are many wines and ciders that are highly processed with chemicals. When you choose to drink clean, however, you swap the toxic additives with delicious drops that align with a growing concern for sustainable agricultural practices. The planet and your body feel better for it.

Try our range of climate-positive, NASAA-certified organic wines and ciders. Tangletoe Cidery is the home of Western Australia’s first cider which is grown, made and bottled onsite at our Pemberton estate. All cider products are 100% vegan and preservative-free.

6. Wine Subscription or Gift Card

Grab a wine subscription or gift card for anyone who loves trying new wines. Naked Wines is good for convenience and value, allowing customers to taste varieties from Australia and New Zealand for $40 a month. If they’re hard to buy for, a gift card for wine and cider lovers will treat them to a drink (or two) of their choice.

How Sustainable is the Wine you’re Drinking?

Wine lovers in Australia will agree that this country’s industry is one of the biggest in the world. But at what cost to the environment?

More winemakers are transitioning into healthier practices. Eco-friendly wines and ciders are:

  • Made using sustainable methods that improve crop quality and efficiency and keep the land nourished ie: by organic farming with natural pest and weed control

  • Certified organic - check labels for the certification logo before you buy

  • Free from pesticides

  • Carbon-neutral

  • Crafted by winemakers who grow organic grapes and use organic winemaking processes

  • Free from herbicides that can contaminate groundwater and degrade soil quality

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