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Truffle Liqueur

At last the true mystery of truffle has been captured in a glass. Australia’s first truffle liqueur, Mountford Truffle Liqueur, was launched at this year’s Truffle Kerfuffle in Manjimup. Australia has now become well known for producing truffles of fine quality. Truffle liqueurs are made in Italy and France but until now a truffle liqueur has not been made in Australia. Black truffles are used in making the liqueur and each uniquely numbered bottle contains its own slice of hand- selected, fresh Southern Forest Black Truffle from the 2018 truffle harvest.

Mountford Winery is in the heart of the Southern Forest truffle region. It dawned on the owners that there could be a perfect marriage of grapes and truffles. The first trial of truffle liqueur, made by winemaker Saxon Mountford, went beyond expectations and they soon realised that Mountford Truffle Liqueur was going to be a great success. The Southern Forest Region is well known for producing many unique products and this truffle liqueur is a great example of what the region can produce.
Mountford Truffle Liqueur is fabulous to add to your desserts and perfect to sip chilled or warm in front of a real fire.

Truffle Liqueur

SKU: 00000000004
375 Milliliters
  • The Mountford Truffle Liqueur was extremely well received over the Truffle Kerfuffle weekend. Those who were not familiar with truffles were able to experience the beautiful aroma and taste of truffle for the first time. Often when a dish is made with truffle, the flavour can be lost in the dish and difficult to determine, but in this liqueur it is not in disguise; you can really taste and smell the truffle.
    David Pottinger from Pottinger Truffles supplied the truffles used to make the liqueur. When David sampled the liqueur for the first time at Truffle Kerfuffle, he was amazed at how pronounced the truffle flavour was on both the nose and the palate, perfectly balanced in the liqueur. 

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